ecotile accessoriers

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ecotile Ramps, Diminishing Strips & Thresholds

E57.100ecotile 500/7 clip on ramp sections available in all standard colours.
Dimensions: 500mm x 70mm x 7mm>1mm
E57.000ecotile 500/7 clip on ramp corner sections available in all standard colours.
Dimensions: 590mm x 70mm
x 7mm>1mm
PCR6ecotile 500/6 stick on ramp sections / diminishing strips. Available in black, dark grey and light grey.
Dimensions: 2000mm x 32mm x 7mm>1mm
41.200SP050 adhesive for sticking diminishing strips
ecotile PVC-U skirting boards
40.722ecotile PVC-U skirting board 2.5m length - DARK GREY ONLY.
Dimensions: 2500mm x 100mm x 15mm
40.723ecotile PVC-U skirting board 5m length - White Satin, English Oak or Rosewood .
Dimensions: 5000mm x 100mm x 15mm
40.724ecotile PVC-U skirting board internal Corner
40.725ecotile PVC-U skirting board external Corner
40.726cotile PVC-U skirting board in line connector kit
40.400Double sided tape for sticking skirting - 50mm x 50m
ecotile floor repair, levelling compounds & adhesives
42.100A46 Moisture Resistant Rapid Set Patch Repair Compound
42.101Feather Finish self levelling smoothing compound
MK92S2 Component adhesive for gluing ecotile (use in areas where tiles will be in direct sun / high temperature
ecotile cleaners, specialist sealers & polishes
45.900Anti-colour stain prevention sealer - Use to prevent plasticiser migration from rubber tyres, colour dyes etc..) *
45.850Anti-slip sealer *
45.875Heavy duty polyurethane floor sealer *
All products marked * require application by qualified installers, please contact us for further details.
46.000Green Care Floor Cleaner
46.300Green Care Floor Polish
46.100Green Care Stripper
46.500Ecotile Stubborn stain removal wipes – For fast removal of stubborn stains on ecotile products in a handy easy to use bucket.
ecotile accessories
16.234ESD Grounding Kit (Consists grounding tape, studded tile, plug & earthing cord with 1 meg ohm resistor) - 1 kit required per 80 to 100m² of esd flooring.
13.232ESD Floor Marking Tile